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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 reasons to love Robert Pattinson


There is no denying it; we are all placed under the "I Love Robert Pattinson" spell that will hopefully never break. Last summer, only a dedicated few knew this British actor was absolutely fabulous. It took the rest of the world a little longer to catch on, but eventually we did, and we gave it everything we have. There are many reasons to love Rob and we took on the daunting task of narrowing the characteristics to the top five.

1.Good Looking- His tussled hair, his chiseled jaw line, and his infectious personality had fans lining up after seeing his first Twilight based interview. Yes, there are many other important qualities to a person besides looks, but when you look like Rob, attention needs to be paid to the details.

2.British Accent- Crisps sound more delicious than potato chips, lift sounds worldlier than elevator and the loo is just more fun to say instead of bathroom. It is no surprise that Americans are infatuated with the British accent; we view it as sexy, debonair, and mostly unique. So when Rob hit the scene, opened his mouth, and his British brogue popped out, fans fell deeper in love.
3.Gave Edward Life. Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer painted the picture of Edward Cullen as The Perfect Man. Not only was he painfully good looking, he was sensitive, caring, and a good listener. When Rob morphed into Edward, fans flocked to him because he was brining their hero to life.

4.Humble- Without a doubt, Rob is the most famous person in the world; he tops Google trends, he has been in the top five of IMDb for the past year, and a week does not go by without him on the cover of a magazine. He has a great career, he can buy and do whatever he wants, however he never flaunts his wealth and stays humble throughout all the madness.

5.Part-time Musician- Not only can he rock out to Lynard Skynard late night on set he also has a voice that record labels salivate over. Rob scored himself a spot on the Twilight soundtrack last fall with friend Sam Bradley and it helped the album top the Billboard charts. Pattinson is also a gifted pianist and fans will wait forever for him to be ready to release his own album.

It is hard to only pick five things we love about Robert Pattinson, so if you think we left something out, please add it below. Some runner-up reasons why we love Pattinson are; he nicknamed himself Spunk Ransom, seems to always be happy and smiling, he is not perfect, he loves his hair as much as we do, and he is very articulate in interviews and when interacting with fans. What did we miss?