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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rob, Kristen, and Taylor Head To Kings Of Leon Concert

Rob, Kristen, And Taylor All went out to the Kings Of Leon Concert in Van Couver last night! Rob's wearing the Stoli Shirt (for Amanda) haha Thanks to my Jackie for sending me the link to the pics! Love ya!


Amanda said...

eeeeek!!! Umm they are looking a lil too close in these pics!! And why you dont see the puppy? lmaooo is he just the tag a long? But im happy to see the Stoli!! Thanks BTFF!!! xoxo

Jackie said...

She better back up off our man! LOL BTFF you're the best thanks for shouts out! I always try to make sure you get the best stuff first! Luv ya and your blog is the best!! :)