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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rob's getting ready to wrap Remember Me and Start Eclipse

TWILIGHT: NEW MOON NEWS: Robert Pattinson Wrapping Up “Remember Me” in NY, Heading to CA; NEW MOON Details Revealed
July 21, 2009 ·
Robert Pattinson is wrapping up filming on “Remember Me” in NYC and after the experience he’s had here I’d be surprised if he ever agrees to film here again.

The producers of “Remember Me” have had to take extreme measures to prevent fans and photographers from finding out Pattinson’s and ensuring his safety. If you recall, he was clipped by a taxi trying to escape lurking fans in a book store. Sources on the set said Rob will work through Wednesday, after which he’s due back on the West Coast to promote New Moon with co-star Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con in San Diego.

On Thursday, lucky Comic-Con attendees will get a chance to see exclusive footage in an hour long Summit Entertainment panel. Considering the mayhem Pattinson has caused in NYC, I expect Comic-Con to be just as chaotic. I’ll post photos as soon as I have them from the event.

HitFix recently sat down with “New Moon” director Chris Weitz to discuss the sequel, due in theaters on November 20. Here is what he was willing to say about the hotly anticipated sequel:

* Chris is about two weeks away from sending a director’s cut of “New Moon” to the studio. He has to have a final cut of the movie ready by, fittingly enough, the day before Halloween (Oct. 30);
* The shot of the wolf from the trailer that premiered during the MTV Movie Awards has gone through 20-30 alterations since to make it look more realistic;
* Chris’ favorite scene to film was the sequence at Volturi headquarters;
* Regarding the look of the Volturi’s castle Chris said, “The first thing I wanted to do was put them in a setting that wasn’t Dracula’s castle. I feel like that’s been done. There have been so many vampire movies and werewolf movies and horror movies where everything has been dark and dreary and everything is blue or green or something like that. Instead, their headquarters is surprisingly light and crisp;”
* There will be a proposal scene between Edward and Bella.