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Friday, July 17, 2009

Perez Hilton causes chaos on Remember Me Set!

Here is a tweet posted by Perez Hilton earlier today-

"If you're in NYC, Robert Pattinson is filming at 63rd St and Park Ave RIGHT NOW, a reader tells me. Is it true? Check it out & take pics!" WOW! How rude is that! He's a Celebrity blogger for F@#!'s sake! He KNOWS Rob HATES huge crowds like that! Now there are a TON of fan girls around the set! The police had to be called in! And Reports that a little girl who is an extra on the movie got injured and had to be carried out. Happy Now Perez? Nice work! According to a source who's at the set Things are okay. The police are keeping things in line now. The fans are behaving! Thank goodness for that! Maybe Fans are starting to realize it's not okay to scream and shout at Rob!