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Friday, July 31, 2009

Kristen tells Rob to take a hike? *RUMORS*

I am personally interested in all these stories about Rob and Kristen. People I talk to see to be so passionate about the side they chose. So I want to know you're opinion. You can comment below, email me at, or send me a tweet @everythingrob Are you Team Robsten or Nonsten? LOL Just curious....


Jul 31
'09Kristen Stewart to Robert Pattinson: Buzz off, Sparkles

Don’t hate the player, y’all. In this situation, Kristen Stewart is the player, forever and always, while Robert Pattinson is the sweet, sensitive, horny, accented, brooding one-who-gets-played. This has always been the dynamic I’ve imagined for K-Stew and R-Pattz - that K-Stew is a girl who knows how to have a man eating out of her hand, and that she’s perfectly comfortable messing with Pattz’s head. Not that I imagine Pattz to be some kind of sparkly angel - I do think he’s a bit of a player too, and he had a very obvious and healthy interest in pretty girls. But with Kristen, Pattz always seems to grasping for something that’s not there. It’s all so Teen Beat, I love it!

Last weekend, Pattz and K-Stew attended Comic-Con. K-Stew was her normal snotty self - although, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that she’s 19 years old, intelligent, and she wants to be a “real” actress, not a tabloid target, so I think some of her snottiness with the press is just simple discomfort. K-Stew didn’t want to answer any questions about any alleged romance or “chemistry” between herself and Pattz. Some theorized that perhaps Pattz and K-Stew were hooking up the night before, and had even hooked up after the presser, in the three-hour limo drive back to L.A. By the way, how f-cking hot would that be if was true? Three hours in the back of a limo with Pattz? I’m drooling a little bit.

Now Star Magazine is claiming that there wasn’t much in the way of sparkly sexy time. They claim Pattz flew into California looking forward to spending a lovely weekend nailing his beloved K-Stew, but Kristen was all “Buzz off, Sparkles.” K-Stew seems to believe that Pattz has been nailing Emilie de Ravin this whole summer, and K-Stew didn’t waste any time reconnecting with her ex, Michael Angarano: