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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is Rob Done With NYC??

This is a pic of Rob arriving on set of "Remember Me" Today. He's looking a little sad! This I do NOT like! Some sources are reporting that Rob is homesick for London and that the fans in the U.S. are making him paranoid. He's not digging the whole fame thing. With recent events in mind, I'm thinking I believe this story. Rob has stated in several interviews that he doesn't like a ton of attention. He feels uncomfortable in big crowds and is constantly paranoid. Give Rob his space!! Be polite when asking for pics and autographs! He's a person too!! A true fan would know this!!~
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Calista said...

Do you blame the poor guy!!!! I wish people would get it through theirs heads that you can be a fan and not be a freaking PSYCHO!!!!!