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Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to send fan mail and gifts to Rob!

Want to send a letter to Rob? How about a gift or something you made? Well here is how to do it.

[UK Address]
Robert Pattinson
c/o Curtis Brown Group Ltd.
Haymarket House
5th Floor, 28-29
London, SW1Y 4SP

[US Address]
Robert Pattinson
c/o Endeavor Agency
Stephanie Ritz
9601 Wilshire Blvd. Floor 3
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

When ask if he reads fan mail Rob responded
"Yeah. I do that quite a lot actually, because I get batches sent from London. I go through tons and tons of it at a time. I get sent some good stuff. I’ve gotten some really good books. I had this amazing thing made by a fan website, this really amazing bound book with all of these notes inside it. I mean, it must have taken ages to make. I remember thinking, “Why?” (laughs). But, no, it was amazing. Someone sent me a book I’m reading right now, a book of Charles Baudelaire poems. I thought, “Wow, I was going to buy that.” That was nice."


Tesha said...

we need to send Rob more t-shirts, his are getting religious (holey)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!