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Thursday, July 9, 2009

100 ways to spot a Twilight Fan

1. They point out Volvos to you.

2. They scream everytime they see a silver Volvo

3. They have read the books so many times they have it memorized word for word.

4. They have lost sleep from reading so much.

5. They actually look like a vampire from lack of sleep.

6. They talk like Edward using words like "utterly" and "absurd."

7. They try to talk you into vacationing in Forks.

8. Whenever they meet someone named Mike they immediatly think of Mike Newton.

9. They will automatically tell this Mike they aren't interested because they like Edward.

10 For their birthday they ask for a Yellow Porsche.

11.At Christmas they ask Santa for Edward Cullen.

12.They often fantasize about kissing Edward Cullen

13.They will hold ice cubes in their hands and pretend they're touching Edward.

14.They ask their friends to call them Alice.

15.They think Clair de lune is the greatest song ever.

16.Ever love song they hear reminds them of Bella and Edward.

17.They'll tell everyone when it's "Edwards Birthday."

18.Their very careful opening gifts, they don't want any paper cuts.

19.They'll throw glitter at their boyfriend and push him into the sunlight.

20.They see a grizzly bear on the discovery channel and think of Emmett.

21.They wander alone in the woods hoping to find werewolves.

22.They cry because Edward left Bella.

23.They get moody when reading New Moon, impatient for Edwards return.

24.Their friends and family are tired of hearing them talk about the Saga.

25.Their friends and family who haven't read the books know the story from them talking about it so much.

26.When they have a bad day they wish Jasper was there to calm them down.

27.They're afraid the Volturi will come for them b/c they know too much about vampires.

28.They'll try to read people's minds.

29.Their childrens names are Renesmee and EJ.

30.Their favorite gemstone is topaz.

31.They argue that not all vampires have fangs and drink human blood.

32.They have Edward vs. Jacob arguments with anyone who will listen.

33.They wish they could sparkle in the sun.

34.They love meadows.

35.They hear a dog in the distance and think of Jake.

36.They were overly excited when they realized the movie date had been moved up.

37.They suddenly have the urge to jump off a cliff.

38.They're considering changing their last name to Cullen.

39.They must read Wurthering Heights.

40.They wear blue in hopes of attracting Edward.

41.They are extremley happy to be a brunette.

42.They purposely put themselves in danger hoping to heard Edwards voice.

43.If someone insults them, their comback is "go imprint yourself."

44.When they walk by a bmw they shake their head and say "Ostentatious, isn't it?"

45.They hate anyone named Tanya.

46.They go to the dr. office and ask for Carlisle.

47.They see a baseball game on tv and aren't impressed cause the Cullens do it better.

48.They want to be a vegitarian cause the Cullens make it look cool.

49.If you have food in your hand they'll turn to you inhaling and say "Ahhh you brought a snack"

50.They wonder to themselves way werewolves can get so big.

51.They leave their window open at night hoping Edward will sneak in.