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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

remember me set pics from today

Robert Pattinson had a busy day filming for the romantic drama 'Remember Me' with his co-star Emilie de Ravin in Central Park, NYC on Tuesday, June 30. Photo Credit: Splash News

Rob on set from today!

Rpattz Fans-Stay Back!

Rpattz fans on the set of Remember Me are forced behind baracades now since the famous "mobbing incident"

Remember Me Script-I have it!

Today one of my "Twitter Friends" emailed me the script for Robert Pattinson's new movie "Remember Me." If anyone would like me to send it to them just email me and ask for it. My email is

Release Date For The 2nd New Moon Trailer!!??

I am hearing that the second New Moon Trailer will be out on August 14th!! I am very excited about it. I was hoping that it would come out a little sooner like sometime in July. I'm not sure if this is true but it's what I've been hearing!!

Some Facts About Mr. Pattinson!!~

*Full Name-Robert Thomas Pattinson

*Birthdate-May 13,1986

*Age-23 years old


*Astrological Sign-Taurus


*He has two sisters, Lizzy and Victoria

*He started acting at age 15

*His acting role model is Jack Nicholson

*His fashion icon is James Dean

*His nicknames are Rpattz and Spunk Ransom

*He plays the piano and guitar

*He was in a band called "Bad Girl"

*He loves singer Van Morrison

*His dad is a vintage car salesman

*He likes to take on "weird" roles

First Blog...

This is the first of many blogs about Robert Pattinson. I'm a huge fan of Rob's and will report anything I hear. Rumors included. I don't want to spread false information so they will be clearly labeled RUMORS! I'll post pics and links. Hope all you robsessed fans enjoy!!!~